Paving the way for a new community-driven outbound-and-performance marketing initiative.


Since its release on January 21st, 2021, the website has pushed some fantastic numbers from organic traffic.

In total 791K events were produced by 98K users, via 195K views. This means that users engaged, scrolled, watched videos — and generally consumed what was presented to them. This validates that the website serves its function. v0.1

Over the last few months, a group of pseudoanon community contributors collaborated to craft v0.1 of the new website.


Their ultimate vision is GRAND: develop towards an “all things THORChain” resource which not only welcomes newcomers to deep dive into the THORChain universe, but also acts as an amplifier and promoter for the greater ecosystem thanks to contributors’ fresh outlook on future cross-community collabs.

THORChain being chain agnostic welcomes any and all chains — and just like RUNE price inherits the properties of assets via its economic design, the THORChain brand should also. It’s for this reason that the…

What can you do with the Google Sheet Script?

  • Take background snapshots of your THORChain’s BEPswap Liquidity Pooling data on a 1 hour interval (doesn’t need to stay open, you can close the sheet and it’ll keep pulling your data).
  • Generate reports and visualize charts based on the selected asset/pools, intervals and date ranges.
  • Basically, you can track your Liquidity Pooling performance over time.

How do I set it up?

a) Visit the sheet’s template via this link.

b) Click on “File” → “Make a copy”. Name your copy whatever you want, and save it wherever you want in your Google Drive.

Pick your target, mark your X and run with it until you succeed.

MehowBrains has been working on a marketing plan for THORChain, and decided to open it for the community-to-lead with a grassroots initiative. He recently published a tweet which highlighted his performance. While he concludes that innovative tools perform the best in marketing campaigns, targeted repetition of educational materials plays its role, especially when you have the right tools to communicate and educate effectively.

The THORChain Community has such tools at their disposal, namely the RUNE Price Simulator and the @THORChainHammer bot. …

Important: The bot is best designed to reply-to existing tweets. If you write a brand new tweet to @THORChainHammer, the next time you’ll want to tweet the same command to @THORChainHammer, your tweet will get rejected by Twitter.

Twitter imposed spam-prevention systems which prevent users from tweeting the same command twice within a certain short period of time.

An idea is to make a pinned thread at the top of your profile, and whenever you need to send a command to the bot, you can just reply to that thread.

The bot has been designed to serve 3 functions for…

THORChain Community

Unofficial THORChain Community

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