v0.2 — Mobile Ready

Paving the way for a new community-driven outbound-and-performance marketing initiative.


Since its release on January 21st, 2021, the website has pushed some fantastic numbers from organic traffic.

In total 791K events were produced by 98K users, via 195K views. This means that users engaged, scrolled, watched videos — and generally consumed what was presented to them. This validates that the website serves its function.

The’s purpose is to educate and direct. The THORChain ecosystem is widespread into various repositories, communities and docs. It was imperative that the website could prove its effectiveness as users consumed both internal and external content. The developers setup tracking labels on all external links, giving answers to questions like:

  • Are users closing tabs and leaving the site? Or are they being led to external resources?
  • Which content are users most interested about?
  • Can certain strategically placed call to actions be used to funnel users?

Users who clicked on external links, and landed on a completely different resource/website, actually came back to the website. On average users performed 2.6 external click events via 79K event clicks by 31K users. That’s 30% of all users engaging to external content.

A few external links performed significantly well:

  • BEPSwap links.
  • Learn to Pool links (led to Bitcoin_Sage’s medium post, and later the links were redirected to the THORChain LP University).
  • Node Operations links.
  • RUNE Price Simulator links.

Notably the THORChain LP University has had an overwhelming growth in users, thanks to the constant funnelling of traffic to its Discord server via “Learn to Pool” buttons/links on the website. Looking at the stats, the website drove 5,400 users to their Discord. It’s uncertain how many of those 5,400 became users. What we know is that the THORChain LP University jumped from <2,000 members to 5,000 members in a matter of weeks since the traffic has been redirected on the .org website call to actions.

The website team will continue to learn from its analytics, and shape/direct content to the appropriate initiatives in order to help lead towards THORChain adoption.

Desktop Sizing Resolved

The desktop was originally designed for high resolution screens, and some users on older devices saw the website slightly bigger than intended. It was a technical error as the website wasn’t developed with relative units, and as a result was fixed in size. The designer of the website outlines his investigation in this tweet:

The developer immediately began to convert the website to relative units. The desktop site will now downscale proportionally based on the browser window’s measurements. Any window below 1600px wide and 900px in height will begin to scale down slightly. This’ll make the viewing experience more enjoyable for lower resolution monitors.

Mobile Framework Ready

The mobile framework was scheduled to release later, after v1 — however the website team decided to tackle it early thanks to the conversion to relative units on desktop.

Unlike popular belief, a website isn’t only a trophy. Its function should as a priority should serve to communicate tailored messages to targetted audiences. A better term for this is “Performance Marketing”, where custom landing pages are designed to tailor messages to targeted audiences — and then distributed via appropriate organic and paid channels.

In order to excel at such campaigning, a mobile framework was designed in order to give marketers the necessary tools to easily shape content. A desktop equivalent is planned.

With this framework, the designers were able to mirror the current desktop pages easily:

More importantly, this new mobile framework will act as the backbone for outbound communication. MehowBrains and TheHodlgraph (ex-buzzfeed producer) are knee-deep into architecting a new community-driven outbound marketing initiative, designed to create-original-content-and-repurpose community-created content into marketing landing pages/funnels for distribution into the masses. With the new mobile framework which acts like lego pieces, the marketing community will be able to shape tailored communications on the easily without much delay.

A preview of the outbound marketing plan is outlined below:

More details regarding the above-mentioned marketing plan will be published soon. It’ll include new methods and tools for community marketers to create and distribute THORChain messages.

MCCN Updates

With MultiChain ChaosNet released, both the desktop and mobile websites get some minor content updates:

Road to v1.0

Less than 3 months ago v0.1 on desktop was released. The plan was: let the initiative/community evolve, observe, and gradually build out the remainder of the views/pages to shape a product that’ll fit the market’s needs.

Heading towards v1.0, the team is planning to push a bunch of new pages and content, including:

  • NFT Gallery page.
  • Decentralized page.
  • Economics page.
  • Roles page.
  • Ecosystem page.
  • Community page.
  • Intro to Liquidity Pooling page (with interactive tools).
  • ThorFi page.
  • Supported chains page.

Priority will shift to ship these pages in order to complete the static content.

The bigger end objective is to translate relevant snippets of information, into funnels tailored for distribution to targeted audiences. For example, imagine a landing page / funnel designed to target Bitcoin audiences. Using the frameworks and content available, campaign-focused tools can be shaped to go outbound in marketing efforts.


The community has created a breadth of content that should be repurposed in the website. TheHodlgraph and MehowBrains’s outbound marketing plan includes new methods to listen-for community-created content, to be fitted in the .org properties. Think THORChain X community-curated, where not only does the website serve as an educational tool, but also as a space where all community-created content is curated and highlighted.

2021 will shape itself to be very exciting for THORChain and the community. The website and marketing team thanks all supporters of its initiative. It’s highly motivated to keep delivering value for the ecosystem.

Unofficial THORChain Community

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